OMG! Charlie Sheen’s Porn Star Pal Is A Pothead! Wait, What?


Porn star Capri Anderson, who recently called the cops on Charlie Sheen, was a teenage pothead! Yeah, I know. But that seems to be a pretty big deal to

​The porn star who Charlie Sheen recently trapped inside a New York City hotel bathroom during a cocaine-fueled sex-for-money exchange got busted for pot seven years ago, when she was only 15 — and the national press is now in a fine tizzy over the girl’s “secret drug arrest.”

Christina Walsh, a.k.a. porn starlet Capri Anderson, was arrested in April 2003 after she was caught with marijuana and drug paraphernalia, reports At the time, Walsh was just 15 years old and in high school. (I know: apparently very high school.)

Police in Pinecrest, Florida, a suburb in Miami-Dade County, charged the teen with two first degree misdemeanors. The status of those charges can’t be revealed because Walsh was arrested as a juvenile.

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It’s apparently not much of a reach for party boy Charlie Sheen to play party boy Charlie Harper on Two And A Half Men.

​RadarOnline breathlessly “revealed” that Walsh, now 22 and known as Capri Anderson, had “a history of teenage drug abuse,” leading her parents to enroll her in the infamous Christian brainwashing camp for “troubled” youth, Teen Challenge.
I guess we can chalk up porn star/reputed call girl Walsh/Anderson as yet another teen who was unsuccessfully “Challenged.”
“When she was in high school she looked like a sweet, innocent girl, but the truth was, she was a teenage drug dealer,” claimed her ex-boyfriend, Micah Mayell.
Mayell claimed Walsh would “often” use cocaine — “in moderation,” he said — but smoked cannabis daily.
“The only drug she was addicted to was marijuana, which she did every day because she needed it to make her chill,” Mayell claimed.
During Walsh/Anderson’s tryst with Two And A Half Men star Sheen, the porn starlet — who has appeared in low-budget X-rated films as Big Bust Cougars and Virgins of the Screen 6 — claimed she became frightened, felt “threatened” by Sheen and called hotel security while cowering naked in the bathroom.
When the cops arrived, they found a naked, drunk and cursing Sheen. He was taken to a hospital and placed under a observation for mental health.
Surprise, surprise: Walsh/Anderson is now going for a bigger payday — more than Sheen handed her that night — as she prepares to sue the wealthy actor, claiming she felt her life was in danger during the tawdry incident.
She claims she was “extremely afraid” of Sheen’s erratic behavior and locked herself in the bathroom for protection.
In an extremely odd bit of serendipity, three months before being found in Sheen’s hotel room, Anderson played the actor’s hired call girl in an erotic spoof called The Celebrity Killer Vol. III: Charlie Sheen, according to
“Charlie Sheen: Now, that’s a guy who had the world in the palm of his hand and he still does,” begins Celebrity Killers‘ narration. “For he was a big movie star who loved hookers.”