Police Claim Marijuana Grow Operation Worth $1 Million


Photo: Eastside Narcotics Task Force
This marijuana grow operation at a Renton, Washington rental house had 605 plants.

​Narcotics detectives found what they claim is more than $1 million worth of marijuana growing inside a Renton, Washington home on November 4.
Members of the Eastside Narcotics Task Force, one of those consortiums of local police departments formed in order to get fat federal Drug War grants, served a search warrant on a two-story rental house at 11 p.m. that night and discovered 605 cannabis plants and 71 pounds of marijuana, reports Jill Kimball at The Seattle Times.
Detectives claimed they found water damage and holes in the floor, walls and ceiling of the house, all, they claimed, the result of the marijuana grow operation that tenants of the home were operating.

No suspects are currently in custody, according to the Task Force, and investigation is ongoing.
The grow house was in the 5200 block of Northeast Fourth Place in Renton, and we’re somehow supposed to be concerned that it was “within a mile” of Hazen High School and Maplewood Heights Elementary, as if evil pot cooties might crawl out of the house and grab school kids.