‘Stoners Against 19’ Hand Victory To The Cops


Stoners Against Prop 19
Dragonfly De La Luz: The smugly self-satisfied new face of cannabis prohibition in California.

​It didn’t take long after the defeat of Proposition 19, which would have taxed and regulated marijuana in California, for the cannabis community to realize that legalization’s ignominious defeat was fueled by the duplicity — some would say outright treachery — of certain greedy, reactionary elements within the community itself. Boycotts against anti-Prop 19 businesses are now being organized.

So-called “Stoners Against Prop 19” — traitors to the movement such as Dennis Peron, Dragonfly De La Luz and J. Craig Canada — whether through stunning ignorance or outright malice, spread disinformation about exactly what the measure would have done.
They busily sowed division, distrust, and fear among a community that should have been united in striving to loosen the death grip of 70+ years of cannabis prohibition.
Offered the opportunity to embrace the future, these reactionary elements formed a fifth column within the medical cannabis community.
For who knows what reasons — maybe the miserly interest of preserving big pot profits? — they shamelessly allied themselves with the law enforcement and prison lobbies, with the Religious Right, and with the same intolerant fundamentalists behind the No On 19 campaign — the very same people, in the case of one statewide organization, that headed up the Proposition 8 anti-gay marriage initiative two years ago.

“Legalization of pot rejected, and some people in the community are celebrating,” activist Mickey Martin wrote on Facebook. “So disgusting.”
“If you voted No you cannot hit my joint — ever gain,” Martin said.

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Danny Danko: “I won’t forget or forgive”

​”I won’t forget or forgive,” commented Danny Danko of High Times
“How can some of you people be celebrating,” said media personality and cannabis activist Tim Martin of John Doe Radio. “Traitors. Low of low.”
While California activists may get another chance at legalization in 2012, with 78,000 California pot smokers arrested or cited each year, two years is a long time.
“Two more years = 150,000 more victims of the pot war,” commented activist Lynette Mont-eton Shaw.

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Eric Brenner: “I would stop calling for unity and take a look at those criminals who played right into the hands of the police”

​”The only thing wrong with the bill was the so-called ‘patients rights’ frauds who smeared our campaign, while laughing all the way to the bank,” said activist Eric Brenner of The California Marijuana Report.
“These are truly awful people and trust me, a list is being compiled of all dispensaries who were not on board,” Brenner said. “I would stop calling for unity and take a look at those criminals who played right into the hands of the police, handing them victory.”
“Don’t worry,” Brenner said. “We will be back in 2012.”
Former marijuana smuggler Robert Platshorn, “The Black Tuna” who served 30 years in federal prison on pot charges, said he was onboard with the boycott.
“The Tuna completely supports total boycott of all businesses and their owners who advocated against Prop 19,” Platshorn said on Facebook. “It was a serious FU to those of us who have fought so hard and so long for legalization and the end to incarceration for cannabis.”
“Radical” Russ Belville mentioned on the live NORML election broadcast from Oaksterdam that a list was made when they called up dispensaries and related businesses, asking whether they supported Prop 19. 
Martin has already published a preliminary boycott list of anti-Prop 19 businesses and organizations on his site, Cannabis Warrior.