Tuxedo Grinder Takes Weed Preparation To The Next Level


Photo: The Pineapple Store
The five-piece Tuxedo Pineapple Grinder will hold more than 1/8 ounce of ground herbs.

‚ÄčIf you’re still getting sticky fingers from crumbling up your weed, then dude: Get with the times. Grinders do the job much better and more quickly, and the best ones have way-cool kief screens and catchers so that after a weeks’ worth of grinding, you’re going to have some ultra-potent trichomes to smoke.

But with a plethora of grinders on the crazily-expanding cannabis accessories market, which grinder to pick?
A great choice would be the Tuxedo Grinder from The Pineapple Store.
“What’s a tuxedo grinder?” you may ask.
Good question, grass-chopper. The tuxedo grinder adds a fifth piece to the traditional four-piece grinder — a zinc alloy spacer that expands the capacity of the 55-mm grinder so that it can hold more than 1/8 ounce of ground-up herbs.

Conventional four-piece herb grinders of this size only hold a gram or so of ground-up-material, but these “extended cab” grinders hold upwards of three grams.
Man, that’ll last all the way past lunchtime!
Having a couple of other grinder to compare it with, I can tell you my Pineapple Tuxedo Grinder has a very smooth, almost effortless, grinding action. And, critically, this grinder doesn’t dice up the herb too finely, as some other units tend to do; we all know how frustrating it can be trying to smoke a tightly rolled joint of herb that’s ground too finely.
A handy little plastic scraper shovel is included to gather the kief from the bottom layer. And The Pineapple Store, being the cool dudes they are, will even replace the plastic scraper if you, by chance, overindulge and lose it.
If you enjoy sharp aesthetics and flawless operation, you can have one of the best luxury grinders on the market for just $23 plus shipping (typically between $6 and $7).
To mail order your own 55-mm five piece Tuxedo Pinepple Grinder, click here.
If you have a business — as in smoke shop, dispensary, or (coughcough) website — you can even order custom grinders with your logo, and get a nice commission on sales, besides, according to Jamullah Freedom of The Pineapple Store.
“I am the Grinder Guy,” Freedom told Toke of the Town. “I do custom grinders for dispensaries, collectives, clubs, cooperatives, caregivers, and even musical acts.”
“I also finance online stores for sites with high traffic, selling grinders with their logo engraved on the lid,” Freedom told us. “This is what I did on The Pineapple Store, working closely with the leader of reddit.com/r/trees. I give them a portion of the sales to use for the community.”
“We also do custom sifter boxes, pipe pouches, and microscopes,” Freedom told us.