Veil-Wearing Woman Says Pot, Cold Medicine Caused Robbery



​​Here, dumb’s the bride?

A jury in Maryland has convicted a woman of burglary, assault and reckless endangerment for breaking into a neighbor’s house wearing “nothing but a bridal skirt and veil” — does that mean her boobs were out? — on a snowy night in February.

Thirty-three year old Melissa Wagaman testified in court Thursday that a combination of cold medicine and marijuana made her “hallucinate that she was getting married” and that her mother was locked in her neighbor’s basement, reports The Baltimore Sun.
Wagaman, in bridal get-up, head-butted a dining room window, causing shattered glass to cut an artery in her neighbor, Aaron Parrott’s arm.
The jury was having no part of defense arguments that Wagaman truly believed she needed to enter her neighbor’s house, and that she didn’t truly know she was endangering him.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the nattily attired Wagaman but conversationally iffy Wagaman lying on the ground.
They took her to a hospital, where medical staff concluded that she was suffering from “drug-induced psychosis.” 
I wonder what the hell kind of cold medicine she was taking?
“They must have some potent weed in Hagerstown,” commented one reader on The Sun‘s page.
Wagaman now faces up to 23 years in prison, where she won’t be needing her bridal veil anytime soon.