Woman Arrested For Having 7 Pounds Of Pot FedExed To Her


Photo: Billings Gazette
Mildred Ann Strike, 51, of Billings, Montana, faces felony charges for allegedly receiving seven pounds of marijuana through Federal Express.

‚ÄčA 50-year-old Billings, Montana woman accused of receiving seven pounds of marijuana through Federal Express delivery was charged Thursday with a felony.

Mildred Ann Strike appeared for arraignment in District Court and pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of criminal possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, reports the Billings Gazette. Judge Susan Watters continued bond at $5,000, which Strike had posted.
A Federal Express employee called Billings police about a suspicious package (both the Gazette and the AP have the call occurring on November 21, but that would still be in the future; I doubt that pot was that good.) Police got a search warrant and found seven pounds of cannabis in the package.

Officers then delivered the package to Strike at her residence on Hardrock Lane (cool address) and arrested her.
A search of Strike’s home revealed more marijuana, “drug paraphernalia” and a little more than $800 in cash, according to court records.