Big Buds Calendar Will Give You A Contact High All Year


Graphic: Quick Trading Company

​Just think of it: Big, juicy buds, so resplendently trichomed you can practically smell ’em, with fresh ones every month. Besides being a description of your life (if you’re lucky), this can also be a description of your calendar (if you have about eight bucks).

Marijuana expert Ed Rosenthal has brought another beautiful cannabis calendar to the waiting weed-lovers of the world, and it’s a doozy.
Every month of the Big Buds 2011 Calendar features a spectacular portrait of a different marijuana plant in full, beautiful bloom. The resins look good enough to roll, and the plant shots are enough to make any ganja gardener green with envy.
The full-color photos are accompanied by information describing the strain, and references the seed company which developed it.

The big buds — from around the world — are selected from Rosenthal’s Big Book of Buds, Volume 4.
In addition to standard holidays, the calendar also highlights the birthdays of celebrity tokers and other significant dates in marijuana history and culture (example: on August 17, 1968, Ziplock® bags were introduced).
Fill your year with beautiful buds! 
You can order your very own Big Buds 2011 Calendar here.