Colorado Springs Marijuana Dispensary Raided For Second Time


Photo: KKTV
Police detectives raided Cannabis Therapy Center in Colorado Springs on Thursday.

‚ÄčDetectives raided Cannabis Therapy Center (CTC), a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Thursday.

The Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Unit got a search warrant because they have “probable cause to believe there was criminal activity going on there,” claimed Sgt. Steve Noblitt, reports KKTV.
“The officer in charge told me we’re being raided because we don’t have state approval to be open here, and they were issuing a warrant based on that information,” said CTC owner Don Liles.
Police refused to say what the “alleged criminal activity” was that led them to execute the raid.

Photo: KKTV
Cannabis Therapy Center owner Don Liles: “We’ve tried, to the best of our ability, to make sure everything is done to the letter of the law”

‚ÄčThis is the second time CTC has been raided at this location, according to Liles. The dispensary just received a 13-month variance to operate in the “limited industrial” zone of unincorporated El Paso County.
The previous raid was on December 18, 2009, according to Liles. He said no charges were ever filed in that case, although he said equipment and plants were taken or destroyed.
The center has hundreds of patients who might have to go elsewhere for their medicine now — or who might be unable to find medical marijuana at all.
“Honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Liles said. “I’ve got six full-time employees that apparently just lost their job right before Christmas.”
“It’s not like we’re doing business out the back door,” Liles said. “We’ve tried to do everything aboveboard. We’ve tried, to the best of our ability, to make sure everything is done to the letter of the law.”
Police claim more information about the raid will “likely” be released in the new few days.