Enjoy Jars Help Organize Up To 5 Strains Of Medical Marijuana


Photo: Enjoy Jars
The Enjoy Jar’s four separate compartments can be highly useful to the cannabis patient on the go. That’s the Nugtainer, also included with each Enjoy Jars purchase, on the upper right. You’ll have to provide your own lighter, herb and papers, man.

​Enjoy Jars are new cannabis containers designed to help medical marijuana patients organize up to five different strains of medicine. Made in Orange County, California out of a lightweight, high-performance polycarbonate, Enjoy Jars have four individual sections, all sealed, which trap that familiar skunky smell.

“Label each section with a Sharpie marker and let dry for a few seconds,” Enjoy Jars advises. “When it’s time for a new strain, simply wipe off with rubbing alcohol and write in a new name.”
The innovative lid individually seals each section to ensure that the contents remain isolated and maintain their unique smell and flavor. The contents of each of the four sections will not mix with each other.
The small Nugtainer, which comes with each Enjoy Jar, is perfect for those times when you have a nug in your pocket but don’t want it collecting any lint — and it doubles as a container for a fifth strain, should you be that lucky.

Photo: Enjoy Jars
Once the lid is on, the Enjoy Jar seals in the aroma of your favorite herb. Each individual section is sealed, preserving the unique characteristics of each strain.

​Traveling with five different strains completely separate in one airtight jar (I love the screw-on lid) with no mixing is a great convenience. 
According to the manufacturers, the Enjoy Jar is entirely odor proof, airtight and water-resistant, locking in all the freshness and smell to help keep your medicine discreet and sweet. Yes, and tried it, and yes, the Enjoy Jar does seal in the aroma of even the most pungent strains.
Each of the four sections can hold up to five grams of marijuana, or rolling papers (although my go-to papers — orange-pack Zig Zags — won’t fit), a mini Bic lighter, and a Nugtainer. The entire unit will easily hold more than a half-ounce of weed.
Measuring just two inches in height, the curved shape makes it easier to reach those last bits of shake with your fingers, and the nice, wide openings mean no more dumping out your stash due to being unable to reach it. You’ll have easy access to your buds once you open the Enjoy Jar.

Graphic: Enjoy Jars

​The Enjoy Jar sells for $12.95. Enjoy Jars also offers a bag filled with a dozen assorted Nugtainers — the small bud containers, you’ll remember — for $3.50.
Discounts are available for multiple orders. The following special discounts are currently being offered:
  • Purchase 2 jars and receive a 5 percent discount.
  • Purchase 3-4 jars and receive a 10 percent discount.
  • Purchase 5 jars and receive a 15 percent discount.
Enjoy Jars ships internationally, and orders whip the following business day. There is a flat shipping/handling rate of $3.50 for orders of one or two Enjoy Jars. Each additional jar adds 50 cents shipping and handling. Enjoy Jars ships First Class via the United States Postal Service. 
You can buy Enjoy Jars at these quality smoke shops and dispensaries, or you can order them online by clicking here.
For more information or to provide feedback, email [email protected].

Photo: Steve Elliott/Reality Catcher
Putting the Enjoy Jar through its paces in Toke of the Town’s offices, we loaded it up with AK-47 (left), TrainWreck (right), BubbleGum (top), and ChemDawg 91 (bottom). Once the lid was screwed on, despite the rather fragrant nature of these strains, the Enjoy Jar still held in the smell.