GPS Directs Confused Canuck Into U.S.; He Gets Busted For Pot


Photo: Methods of Healing

​​Welcome to America! A Canadian man is in a U.S. jail after the GPS in his vehicle directed him to a remote border crossing, where agents found a pound of marijuana in his car and busted him.

Darrell Fudge, 54, was driving from British Columbia back to his home in Newfoundland Sunday and said he did not intend to enter the United States. But his GPS gave him the shortest route, which led through northern Maine, authorities said.
Federal agents claimed they found the cannabis in a cooler, according to The Associated Press. They turned the case over to the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Fudge appeared in court Monday in Lewiston, Maine. He wants to settle the case, according to his attorney.
He is being held on $5,000 bail, according to the Sun Journal newspaper, and is scheduled to appear in court again on Wednesday.