Kurtis Blow Busted For Marijuana At LAX After Body Scan


Photo: Complex.com
A few years ago, Kurtis Blow found God. Thursday morning, the TSA found weed in Blow’s pants.

‚ÄčTSA Finds ‘An Anomaly’ In Rapper’s Pants

Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow, 51, was busted Thursday morning at Los Angeles International Airport after a TSA body scanner detected “an anomaly” in his pants, which turned out to be a bag of marijuana.

Law enforcement sources told website TMZ that after the new body scanner detected an item in his pocket, a resulting pat-down revealed the weed.
Blow, real name Kurtis Walker Combs, who now says he is a pastor, got a ticket for marijuana possession — after all, an ounce or under of pot is decriminalized in California — and went, weedless, on his way.

Pot-loving travelers beware: The TSA is in the process of installing more than 400 body scanners in 70 airports across the United States.