Lawyer/Author’s Blog Says Pot Prohibition Is Unconstitutional


Graphic: Marijuana Prohibition Is Unconstitutional

​A new blog, Marijuana Prohibition Is Unconstitutional, has been launched to showcase the work of lawyer/author Hoam Rogh, whose new legal thriller on the pot laws, The Case of US v. Yerbas, is receiving great reviews.

In Rogh’s book, marijuana is legalized by operation of law. Rogh said he took what he larned in law school and countless more hours of Constitutional legal studies to destroy the nation’s current marijuana laws.
The Marijuana Prohibition Is Unconstitutional blog was launched to help him reach an even broader audience, according to Rogh.
The blog is written with devastating clarity, and if you believe that knowledge is power, it contains some powerful stuff.
For example, such posts as “Three-Point Legalization Plan” and “Five Things To Do After Your Marijuana Arrest” kick some potent legal knowledge with which any marijuana activist or enthusiast should become familiar.

Photo: Hoam Rogh
Author Hoam Rogh: “Cannabis law is not honest. It’s lies for no good reason and people suffer and die.”

​The blog debuted only a month ago and has already attracted an audience of 15,000, according to Rogh’s publisher,, which is using it ias a vehicle for the author to interact with readers and the legalization movement.
“Many of the people helped by this blog cannot afford legal representation,” Rogh said. “I’m doing this as a pro bono service, and as a marketing tool to sell my book — which is 200 pages of awesome.”
“Cannabis law damns millions of innocent civilians to poverty, criminal records, and distrust,” Rogh said. “Never again!”
One thing’s for sure: If more people starting reading Rogh’s blog, the public is going to have a much greater understanding of their due process rights — and that will lead to the end of marijuana prohibition.