Marijuana Legalization Billboard Greets I-5 Drivers In Washington


Photo: Sensible Washington
More than a quarter-million vehicles a day will pass this billboard on I-5 near Seattle.


The group Sensible Washington, which is working to legalize marijuana for adults in Washington state, became a lot more visible on Saturday.

Specifically, the group’s huge pro-legalization billboard went up in Fife, Washington, on Interstate 5 North and South, entering and leaving Seattle. The group said the billboard would remain up through the November 2011 election.
“Because drug dealers don’t ID. Legalize In 2011” the bright yellow billboard reads.

According to Gotcha Covered Media, 288,000 vehicles a day will pass the billboard on I-5, and it will also be visible from Highway 99, which isn’t included in that vehicle count.
That’s a lot of cars, with a lot of potential impressions on voters — more than 2 million vehicles a week, or 8,640,000 a month.
“Thanks to generous donations from two Sensible Washington volunteers and support and cooperation of the billboard company, Gotcha Covered Media (thank you!), we now have North- and South-facing billboards at this location through the November 2011 election,” Sensible Washington said on its website.