Miley Cyrus Joins The Bong Brigade And Trips Out


Miley Cyrus — Partying with a Bong
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Photo: TMZ
In which Miley takes a salvia hit and has “a little bit of a bad trip”

​OK, so maybe it wasn’t really marijuana in that bong rip pop princess Miley Cyrus takes in the viral video that’s sweeping the web, but it’s still attracting plenty of attention and making the young Hannah Montana star a host of potential new friends.

According to reports, the substance in the bowl was salvia, which is a potent psychedelic and, while legal, is ironically also a rougher ride than cannabis (yes, I’ve smoked my share of both).
Miley was shown in a friend’s cell phone video a few days after her 18th birthday taking a hit from a bong and then told her friend she was having “a little bit of a bad trip.”

And of course, the video inevitably found its way online and got lots of attention, especially once the video got posted on TMZ.
Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is unhappy about all the attention, but just about everywhere else the media feeding frenzy is in full swing.
“Wait Miley got high?” the presumably much worldlier Katy Perry of “I Kissed A Girl” fame. “Where have I been?” Buried under the tinsel obiv. @mileycyrus meet my friend @snoopdoog [sic]… He’ll hook ya up!”
In light of what we now know about Miley’s affection for bongs, a Kelly Osbourne tweet could take on a whole new meaning, speculates Natalie Finn at E online.
“I can tell u the big news Im here in New Orleans shooting a movie with Miley Cyrus called ‘so under cover’! I luv Miley we r having a blast.” Hmm…