More Than 5,000 Pounds Of Pot Seized In Arizona


Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
This is the 593 pounds they found on the rail car. I’d rather see the 4,478 pounds that was mixed in with the squash on the tractor trailer.

‚ÄčU.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers working at the Port of Nogales, Arizona made two marijuana seizures in the space of a couple hours Monday, thwarting attempts to smuggle more than 5,340 pounds of marijuana into the country.

“Every day, our officers and agriculture specialists are out on the line, looking for threats to our way of life,” said Port Director Guadalupe Ramirez, practically breaking into tears at the thought of his own true heroism. “And successes like this make their time and effort worth every minute.”
How inspiring, Mr. Ramirez. I guess that dries up the supply of marijuana in Arizona, then, right? Problem solved? Good job!
May we now assume our “way of life” is no longer “threatened” by “marijuana”?
Well fuckety-fuck! That’s certainly a relief.

The first interdiction happened about 2 p.m., when officers inspecting an incoming cargo train noticed discrepancies in the x-ray image of a rail car. When they opened and inspected the car, they discovered 25 bales of marijuana, weighing 593 pounds.
Officers claimed the value of the pot is $504,000, which means they expect us to believe Mexican schwag is worth about $850 a pound.
If they really do believe that, I have some beautiful oceanfront property right there in Arizona that I’d love to sell them.
About four and a half hours later, about 6:30 p.m. Monday, officers assigned to commercial truck inspection decided to take a closer look at a tractor-trailer rig carrying squash.
Once again, an x-ray system detected discrepancies, and they conducted a “full inspection” of the vehicle, during which they claimed they found 212 bundles of marijuana weighing 4,478 pounds mixed into the squash, reports KVOA.
This time they decided to claim the “estimated value” of the pot haul was “$4 million,” meaning they must have thought this was better weed than the other 593 pounds, since this batch would work out to $893 an el-bee.
The driver was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.