OMG, Britney Spears Smokes Pot! And Other Non-Surprises


Photo: Jeremy Cowart/
At the end of her April 8 concert in Vancouver, Britney stopped performing because, she said, “people were smoking marijuana in the audience.”

​New audio released by Star magazine contains pop tart Britney Spears’ “confession of smoking marijuana,” and we are evidently supposed to be shocked and dismayed by this news. On the tape, recorded by Britney’s ex-husband, Jason Alexander, he also confesses to smoking pot, and says to her: “You know I got the best pot in California if you really want to smoke.”

Alexander’s admission is followed by a reply where Spears admits “I smoked the fucking joint and went back to bed,” reports Radar Online.
Alexander — who is friends with Spears, and was married to her for 55 hours in 2004 — said that Britney recently called him and told him her boyfriend and agent, Jason Trawick, had beaten her up and given her a black eye. He also claimed that Spears said she had aborted Trawick’s baby this year.
For it’s part, Britney’s camp has denied everything. Spears released a statement saying it’s all a bunch of lies, and “her people” have threatened a lawsuit.
The ex-hubby, however, is not backing down. Alexander passed a lie-detector test and produced an audiotape of the conversation. He told the Star that he “stands by the story 100 percent” and that he certainly knows what his ex-wife sounds like on the phone.


​Alexander’s tape is a poor quality, but it’s possible to make out the voices.
In the new tape released by the Star, Alexander is told by Britney that she is jealous over her boyfriend and another woman.
Spears details how she “woke up at 7” and “almost left a nasty message on Facebook,” but then “smoked the fucking joint and went back to bed.”
At her April 8 concert in Vancouver, B.C., oh-so-pure Britney stopped performing because, she said, “people were smoking marijuana” somewhere in the audience.
She had performed only three songs before storming off the stage, not returning for more than 40 minutes. Concert-goers were told the show would not continue if people continued to smoke marijuana, because it was “unsafe” for Britney and her dancers.
At the end of the evening, Spears bade her fans goodbye by saying “Drive safe, don’t smoke weed, and rock out with your cocks out.”