Public Comments Open On Colorado Medical Marijuana Rules



‚ÄčThe Colorado Department of Revenue has released 99 pages of new regulations governing medical marijuana in the state.

The public has until January 14, 2011 to submit written comments on the new rules.
In addition, there will be a public hearing on January 27 and 28, 2011.
One item among the regulations and procedures for Colorado’s medical cannabis industry is making some patients particularly nervous — the plan for a massive new database of patients who enroll in the Medical Marijuana Registry.
The list will be available around the clock to law enforcement agencies.
The Cannabis Therapy Institute has called the new plans a violation of the Constitutional amendment approved a decade ago by Colorado voters when they legalized medical marijuana.

“This patient and medicine tracking database is a clear violation of Article XVIII, Section 14 of the Constitution, Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Amendment, which requires that the health agency maintain a confidential registry of patients, which can only be accessed by law enforcement for the purpose of determining whether a person who has been detained is a member of the registry,” the CTI said in a press release.
Grow operations will be fitted with cameras that will be monitored by state regulators. Cameras will also track sales to individual patients at the cash register.
Patient advocates have long worried that such information would be used by police to target patients. Although legal for medicinal use in Colorado, marijuana remains illegal for any purpose under federal law.
You can click here to read the medical marijuana rules on the official Colorado Department of Revenue site.
Comment on the rules by emailing [email protected]
The Cannabis Therapy Institute requests that you please send them a copy of your comments, as well: [email protected]