Sheriff Claims Seized Marijuana Worth $2,250 An Ounce


Photo: Minor Ripper

‚Äč$80 a gram, anyone?

A Chicago man has been charged with receiving shipments containing five 5-gallon buckets of “high-grade” marijuana that the Cook County Sheriff’s Office claimed is worth $2.7 million.

Based on the $2.7 million total price the sheriff’s office claimed for the marijuana, the street value of the pot is estimated at around $80 a gram, $2,250 an ounce, or $36,000 a pound.
But the sheriff’s office surely wouldn’t tell a lie, now would they?
Leroy Scott, 42, is being held on $150,000 bail. Investigators said he made “multiple trips” to the Southwest in the days before each package was shipped to him from the same area, reports David Elsner at the Chicago Tribune.

After the packages were collected and about 75 pounds of cannabis was found, Scott was charged with possession of more than 5,000 grams of marijuana, a Class 1 felony.
Since September, Scott had made 19 trips to private shipping carriers in Chicago to retrieve packages shipped to him from out of state, the sheriff’s office claimed.
The private carrier was not identified because it was “cooperating with authorities,” also known as narcing on your own customers.
The 5-gallon buckets came in three separate shipments this month. Scott was arrested December 18.
Anyone posting bond for Scott will have to prove the source of the funds wasn’t drug dealing, authorities said.
The Tribune dutifully reports the estimated prices are “considered expensive for marijuana, but within the usual range of prices for high-grade marijuana in the 2008 National Drug Threat Assessment by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the latest year for which federal cost estimates were available.”
Bullshit. Enough with the bullshit cop estimates and the bullshit government statistics.
I’m not saying that some moron, somewhere, has never, ever given $80 a gram, $2,250 an ounce or $36,000 a pound for marijuana.
I am willing to flatly state, however, that if he bought 75 pounds at that outrageous rate, he was a fucking idiot.
High grade marijuana generally sells from about $300 to around $600 per ounce — and that’s retail, buying it just an ounce at the time.