Stoner To Cops: Go Ahead, You Heard Him Say He Smelled It


Graphic: KMVT

‚ÄčA 27-year-old Florida man was arrested on November 9 on charges of marijuana possession after giving a unique consent to search.

Deputies were searching the home of the man and his roommate, who was on probation, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department, reports Angel McCurdy of the Northwest Florida Daily News.
While searching, a deputy remarked that he smelled marijuana.
When another deputy asked the man if he would consent to be searched, the man said, “Go ahead, you already heard him say he smelled it.”
A plastic, ziplock bag was found in the man’s pocket and was confirmed to be marijuana, according to deputies.

And here’s some free advice: Never consent to a search.
If a cop has probable cause, he doesn’t have to ask for your consent. And things will not “go easier” for you if you do consent.
However, they will go a lot easier for the cops.