Virginia Police Ask Hunters To Report Marijuana Grow Sites


Photo: Cannabis & Hemp
If you see something like this in the woods, the Virginia State Police would love to know… but screw those porcine bastards.

​Apparently unable to do their jobs unassisted, Virginia State Police are asking hunters to report “suspicious drug activity” and marijuana grow sites while hunting in the woods.

The state police claim they destroyed more than 35,000 cannabis plants over the summer, with the assistance of federal, state and local law enforcement, reports WTVR.
“The discovery and destruction of these illegal grows have played a significant role in preventing marijuana from reaching the streets and Virginia’s youth,” claimed Lt. Richard A. Childers of Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Richmond Drug Enforcement Section.

However, word on the street is that after this year’s bountiful harvest in Virginia, the Old Dominion state’s potheads are having no problem at all finding marijuana “on the streets,” youth or no. And, as always, black market pot dealers don’t ask for I.D.

Photo: Academic

​Police said because growing marijuana is a year-round process — actually, it’s not, but that’s what they said — they need Virginians, especially hunters, to be “on alert” to what may indicate an area being used to illegally grow marijuana.
According to the Virginia State Police, “signs of a marijuana grow” include:
• An obscured/hidden clearing in the woods, swamp or corn fields possibly near or with reasonable access to water
• Shovels, pails to haul water, bags of fertilizer and/or chemicals discarded near the clearing
• Random, well-trampled trails leading into the woods or swamp
Police are advising hunters not to confront anyone they may encounter near a clearing or possible grow site.
Instead, hunters are being advised to “please take mental notes of what you see, smell and hear at that location,” then report it to law enforcement.
Never mind the fact that any respectable outdoor cannabis farmer in Virginia already harvested his plants more than a month ago.
In any event, if you are a marijuana grower in Virginia, it might be rrrreally good idea to get those “POSTED – NO HUNTING” signs put up all around your property, now that the State Police have enlisted hunters into the Narc Patrol.
Anyone with information on marijuana grows is asked to call the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation Drug Diversion Unit (try saying that when you’re stoned) at:
1-800-533-DOPE (3673)
Isn’t that cute? They put “DOPE” in the phone number!
Word is that lots of disgruntled marijuana users are calling the number and giving spurious reports of marijuana growing in the yards, fields and woods of local law enforcement, mayors, politicians and dignitaries.
You wouldn’t want to become a part of that, would you?