Woman Trying To Return Stolen Marijuana Is Beaten With Belts


Photo: Molly’s Daily Kiss

‚ÄčA woman was beaten by a group of people on Christmas Day after stealing, then returning a bag of marijuana to a drug dealer, according to a Flint, Michigan police report.

The victim went to a location in Genesee Township with a friend to buy marijuana, according to police, reports Kahlil AlHajal of The Flint Journal. She bought some weed, but also stole a bag at about 10 p.m., police said.
When she had a change of heart — or perhaps realized what a dumb thing she’d done — she tried to return the stolen bag to the dealer about 20 minutes later. But when she showed back up, several men and women began punching and kicking the at first sticky-fingered but now repentant woman, even beating her with belts, according to police.

The dealer then drove the woman and her friend to the victim’s home in Flint, where the victim’s two (good!) dogs bit the suspect when he tried to enter the house, according to the report.
The suspect wisely fled at that point, and the butt-hurt woman, who’d just learned the validity of the street credo “Don’t steal from the dealer or you’ll get your ass beat,” was transported by her son to a local hospital.