Dude Really Wanted Apple Pie; Arrested For Pot At McDonald’s


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Is this worth fighting for?

​“I was mad at the bitch for not giving me my apple pie,” a Florida man explained after attacking a McDonald’s employee. The man was arrested when St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputies found a bag of marijuana in his pocket.

Antonio Dreveal Boatwright, 33, was at a McDonald’s on January 4 in Lakewood Park, Fla., when he became upset about the omission of what he evidently felt was a crucial part of his order, reports Will Greenlee of Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers.

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Antonio Boatwright: “I was mad at the bitch for not giving me my apple pie”

​Sheriff’s dispatch officials said “a tall man with braids” was threatening a female worker and trying to hit her. Deputies encountered the suspect after being dispatched to a “fight in progress,” according to the arrest affidavit. Witnesses in the parking lot pointed out Boatwright.
A deputy said he smelled a “strong odor” of suspected marijuana coming from Boatwright and his vehicle. While patting the suspect down, the deputy said he felt a bag in Boatwright’s pocket. Boatwright said he was unaware of the contents of his pocket, telling the deputy to pull it out.
That’s when investigators found a small bag of marijuana.
“There’s a joint in the ashtray, too,” Boatwright helpfully told deputies.
Boatwright, of Fort Pierce, Fla., was jailed on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.
It is unknown whether Boatwright ever got his McDonald’s apple pie.