Former Bank Could Become Marijuana Dispensary


Graphic: GUS314159
Dude, this could turn into some serious overdraft action.

‚ÄčTalk about “high” interest! A building formerly occupied by a bank could become a medical marijuana dispensary in Rhode Island.

One of the 18 applications for medical marijuana dispensaries in the state names a former bank building at 6851 Post Road in North Kingstown as its location, reports Chris Church at the North Kingstown Independent.
Marijuana would not be grown at the bank building. It would be cultivated at a windowless building in Cranston, R.I., according to the application sent to the state Department of Health by applicants Chronic Pain Management Centers of Rhode Island.

Four different strains of marijuana — White Widow, OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Xtreme Indica — would be grown for treating symptoms including muscle spasms, seizures and nausea, according to the application.
Ounces of the “high quality” medical marijuana would be sold for less than $300, according to the application, and a monetary subsidy would be provided for patients who could not afford full price.
According to the 187-page application, the partners plan to transform the former 4,200-square-foot bank building, in front of and adjacent to the Salvation Army, into a medical marijuana dispensary and administration building.
“This location is very convenient and desirable in that it does not require patients to enter highly congested areas of the city, high-risk areas, or an area without access to parking,” reads the application, which describes the organization as “family organized” and “not for profit.”
Lee Joseph Golini, a lawyer with the North Kingstown firm of Robert Craven & Associates, is named as the principal officer in the application. Other partners listed are Kathleen Alves Golini, a registered nurse and lawyer; Matthew O. Madison, a horticulture specialist; and Jose Florentino Reyes, an investment banker.
All 18 applications are available for review at the Department of Health’s website
Public hearings for the applicastions will be held Monday, February 7, at 10 a.m. in the DOH Auditorium, 3 Capitol Hill, Providence, R.I.
Members of the public, registered qualifying patients, registered primary caregivers and city officials are invited to provide input on the accepted applications.
Last year, DOH turned down all 15 applications to open the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary after each exceeded a page limit or didn’t meet the minimum score to make it to a second round of review, reports Rob Borkowski at the North Kingstown Patch.