Is Snoop Offering To Endorse L.A. Pot Dispensaries For Cash?


Photo: Mad Hot Hip Hop
Not fo’ shizzle?

​Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries are abuzz about an email pitch from a company that says — sort of — that a pro-cannabis celebrity endorsement from someone “like Snoop Dogg” could increase business.

Many are wondering if the business proposal is real, reports Dennis Romero at our sister Village Voice Media site LA Weekly — as in, would such a big star really do this for cash?
“I be illing if Snoop is shilling,” commented Brett, the administrator of the “mmjnews” Yahoo! email group.
The vaguely worded email, from someone named Nathan Hill who identifies himself as CEO of a something called Celebrity Green Room, reads (see body the email after the fold):

Hello [dispensary name]

I hope all is well. 

I am sending this email in effort to provide you with information about an innovative and marketable opportunity to not only expand your patient base but also create an additional streams of revenue. I have spent countless hours performing the work and conducting the research to  create a business model which uses the persona of various hip hop artisist in order to cultivate a more significant buzz around exisiting medical marajuna dispensaries.  It is projected that by using a multi-million dollar celebrity like Snoop Dogg for endorsement purposes sales will increased by 35-75% on marijuana alone. 

What does this mean for you?  By participating you will have the opportunity to reach five times the amount of people that you previously had access to.  In addition, you will be creating an additional marketing and advertising platform for yourself.  Some of the other benfits include but are not limited to the following:

·         Multi-functioning credit/loyalty card that tracks transactions and gives rebates per transaction

·         The ability to expand the exposure of “dispensary name”  to create a wider patient-base

·         Additional streams of revenue

·         Endorsement opportunities and relationship potential with participating non-profit oganizations

·         Opportunity to sell your Snoop Dogg music and merchandise such as CDs, clothing, etc at dispensary locations

·         For further information on this ground-breaking opportunity and its benefits please contact me via phone xxx-xxx-xxxx or email at [deleted].

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  Have a great day.

Nathan Hill

Celebrity Green Room

“Snoop is the most high-profile weed proponent in the nation, arguably outdoing even Cheech & Chong,” Romero writes at LA Weekly. “Still, some dispensary operators in this, the pot-shop capital of the nation, are understandably concerned by the weaselly wording here.”
Romero goes on to point out, and Toke of the Town heartily echoes, that it’s quite possible — even likely — that Snoop Dogg really has nothing to do with this promotion.