Smugglers Launch Pot Over Border With Cannabis Catapult


Mexican marijuana smugglers ingeniously devised a cannabis catapult to launch their payload over the border.

​Smugglers using a catapult to launch marijuana cross the Mexican/U.S. border were seen on a remote video surveillance system last Friday, and National Guard troops coordinated with Mexican authorities to disrupt the operation — although nobody was caught.

National Guard troops running a remote video surveillance system at the Naco Border Patrol Station saw several people south of the International Boundary Fence preparing a catapult and launching packages over the fence, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, reports

Border Patrol agents working with the National Guard contacted Mexican authorities, who hurried to the location and disrupted the catapult team. The camera showed the catapult operators running away before they could be arrested by Mexican law enforcement.

The Mexican officials confiscated about 45 pounds of marijuana, an SUV, and the catapult itself.

“The Border Patrol’s partnerships with Mexican authorities, the National Guard and the public enhance our efforts to address and disrupt the organized drug trafficking threat at the border and serves to degrade the capabilities of transnational criminal organizations,” said Associate Chief Jose Cruz, evidently practicing in his quest to utter the most meaningless, information-free sentence of Bureaucratese in history.

“With their continued support and that of the public, we will continue to more effectively address threats before they cross the International Boundary,” Cruz claimed.

“Threats”? No way, Jose. The only way anybody would have been hurt by that marijuana was if they caught one of those bales in the head as it was catapulted across the border.

That, or, of course, law enforcement agents like yourself blowing them away, as happens all too often, especially around the desert Southwest’s highly profitable smuggling corridor.