229 Marijuana Dispensaries Make Deadline For L.A.’s Lottery


Photo: Kevork Djansezian

‚ÄčMore than 200 medical marijuana dispensaries have applied to be in a lottery to select 100 legal dispensaries in Los Angeles.

The lottery is L.A.’s second try at narrowing down the number of pot shops in the city, reports John Hoeffel at the Los Angeles Times. The first attempt relied on a moratorium ordinance, but was ruled unconstitutional by a judge.
According to the city clerk’s office, 229 applicants had filed by the February 18 deadline to participate in the lottery. The office released only the number of applicants, declining to provide any information on them.

Under the new proposal, dispensaries must have been in operation since September 2007, with at least one of the same owners since that time, reports Andy Sternberg at the LAist.
Some dispensary owners are not happy about the lottery, reports KTLA. They have threatened to sue the city to challenge the selection process.
Before the lottery is held, the city clerk’s office will review the applications to determine if the applying dispensaries are eligible to participate in the drawing. City officials said they believe fewer than 135 will actually meet the requirements.