Mr Keifbox Can Custom Make One Just For You


Photo: Steve Elliott
This box incorporates the roach art of Cliff Maynard, featured on Toke of the Town in 2009.

​Kief boxes — small, wooden boxes divided with a silk or metal screen used to separate kief (trichomes) from dried marijuana buds — are not only functional; they’re also works of art. This becomes immediately obvious when you look at the creations of Myron Connery, “Mr Keifbox” to his many fans, friends and customers.

Mr Keifbox is a true woodworker who does it the old fashioned way at his shop in Spanaway, Washington. He constructs handcrafted, custom made boxes with art of your choosing on the lid.
“Our goal is to become someone you come to for designing your dreams,” Mr Keifbox says, “that you would never get anywhere else.”
Kief (also spelled kif or keif) collects on the bottom, glass layer of the box, ready to be put in a pollen press, or collected for smoking, vaporization, hash making or cooking.
The three-tier pollenboxes come in various sizes from 4″x4″ and 3.5 inches high ($40 in white pine or maple) all the way up to big honking 24″x24″ boxes ($275 in white pine or maple), which are six inches high. Customers can add a hand-burned image to the top at no additional charge.

All boxes have a 120-micron silk screen (unless you request metal) and a solid glass (not plexiglass) bottom to collect the kief.
To order your own box from Mr Keifbox, visit his website at, email [email protected], or telephone 253-548-0499.

Photo: Steve Elliott
Open box showing the silk screen which separates kief from buds

Photo: Mr Keifbox
Boxes are available in a variety of styles and sizes, with art of your choosing

Photo: Mr Keifbox
Myron Connery, Mr Keifbox himself, at work on his next masterpiece