Series Two Of Medical Cannabis Collector Cards Released


Graphic: PCC
Collect ’em all!

​​​Following the success of the first 10 Medical Cannabis Collector Cards, the Patients Care Collective (PCC), a Berkeley, California medical marijuana dispensary, has introduced “Series Two.”

“Our patients loved the first set so much, we felt compelled to bring them Series Two sooner than we originally planned,” said David Bowers, PCC manager and creator of the cards.
“We are excited by the response we’ve received so far, and love hearing that patients are being inspired to learn more about their medicine,” Bowers said.
The new cards are numbered 11 through 20 and feature beautiful bud photos taken at PCC, along with genetic, flavor, effect, and medicinal use information for each of the strains showcased.
For Series Two, the featured strains are MK Ultra, Purple Kush, Morning Star, Durban Poison, Peak 19, Ogre, Purple God, Sage & Sour, Blue Moonshine, and Blackberry Kush.

Graphic: PCC
The backs of the cards offer information about each featured strain.

​“Besides being beautiful, these cards are educational and informative,” said Erik Miller, manager at PCC for 10 years. “Cannabis awareness has grown over the last year, but there are still many patients who lack a basic understanding of what different strains can be used for.”

“We’ve been working hard to educate people about the benefits and varieties of medical cannabis for a long time, and these new cards have been a great tool for helping to reach that goal,” Miller said.
Miller and Bowers believe that although patients now have greater access to information about cannabis as a medicine, they are sometimes overwhelmed when faced with such a large variety of strains and medical applications. They feel the collector cards have been successful in presenting the information in a concise, informative way using a format that is familiar and entertaining.
By spreading more awareness, they feel the medical marijuana system improves by having a more educated patient base, holding dispensaries more accountable for strain accuracy and knowledge.
For now, the cards are available exclusively at PCC, 2590 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704. For more information, visit
The Berkeley Patients Care Collective was established in 2001 to provide high quality medical cannabis, along with personalized service and information to help patients get the most from their medicine.