Bogus Medical Marijuana Map Released By S.D. City Council


Graphic: Stop the Ban
This is the REAL map showing just how restrictive San Diego’s proposed dispensary ordinance would actually be.

‚ÄčIn advance of a San Diego City Council vote on an ordinance which would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, the Council published a map which supposedly shows areas where a collective could be located in the city under the ordinance as written. But the map is so inaccurate as to be misinformation, according to a local patient advocacy group.

“While we contend that even this map reflects a seriously restrictive ordinance that harms patients and communities, we were distressed to learn that this map is largely inaccurate and misinforms the public as to what degree of access this ordinance would allow,” said a statement from the Stop the Ban campaign.
The City Council’s map, the PDF of which has since been removed from the web, shows various “sensitivity uses” such as schools, child care centers, and libraries. But under the ordinance, dispensaries must also be located 1,000 feet away from churches and youth-serving facilities — and no churches or youth-serving facilities are included on the map.

Nearly every available zone on the map is very limited, or completely excluded, by the presence of churches and youth-serving facilities within them, according to Stop the Ban.
“We have shared our concerns with the City Council and were told that they are unable to create a map which would accurately reflect the limited access this ordinance would create,” Stop the Ban said in a statement. “We are deeply troubled that in lieu of an accurate map the City Council have published a map which drastically misrepresents to the people of San JDiego the impact of this ordinance.”
The Stop the Ban campaign — a coalition of LGBT groups, veterans’ groups, patient advocates, physicians, clergy, business groups, community groups and concerned citizens — has been responsible for more than 3,700 letters to the City Council from the people of San Diego urging the Council to make the dispensary ordinance less restrictive. For a full list of coalition partners, click here.
According to organizers, the effort is likely the largest letter-writing campaign in San Diego history.
The Stop the Ban campaign is calling upon the City Council to create a map which accurately reflects access to medical cannabis under this ordinance as written and to amend the current ordinance to guarantee safe, local access to medical cannabis for patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation.
In the meantime, the group has published a map of its own showing just how restrictive the proposed ordinance would be when it comes to dispensary locations.
You can volunteer to help Stop the Ban in San Diego by clicking here.