CA Dispensaries Can’t Keep Charlie Sheen Pot Strain On Shelves


Photo: TMZ
“Charlie Sheen” weed will run you $70 an eighth, $400 an ounce at many Los Angeles dispensaries.

​Medical marijuana dispensaries in California are selling cannabis with the strain name “Charlie Sheen” in a tribute to the headline-grabbing star.

The Charlie Sheen marijuana, reportedly with a THC content of 23 percent, was flying off the shelves at several shops last week, reports TMZ.
Demand for the new strain was so high that growers were being asked to put in more crops to keep up with the demand, the celebrity website reported.
In a move that couldn’t have hurt sales of Charlie Sheen the marijuana strain, Charlie Sheen the actor defended his increasingly erratic behavior by saying last week, “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen.”

“When Charlie Sheen announced last week that he was high on a drug called Charlie Sheen, everyone laughed,” wrote Hope Carson at Gather Celebs. “Well, now everyone can keep right on laughing and get the munchies afterward.”
So has Charlie Sheen himself smoked any Charlie Sheen weed? We can’t confirm or deny that, nor the rumors which say the Charlie Sheen strain may be “Winning” some harvest festivals this year.

Photo: The Exiled