Marshall Islands Quells Cocaine Legalization Rumor


Photo: DEA
No, it’s still not legal, even in the Marshall Islands.

Cokeheads briefly thought on Wednesday that there was a place where their drug of choice is legal. 

But the Republic of the Marshall Islands said it hasn’t legalized cocaine, nor has it created a no-visa entry program allowing unrestricted access to the Pacific islands nation, reports Erin Thompson of Pacific Daily News.
“We do not, have not, and don’t intend to legalize any substance,” said Soye Brown, acting attorney general for the Marshall Islands.

The rumor, which was reported on March 23, came from the website
Brown called the report “totally unfounded, absolutely fabricated and factually baseless.”
The site, which has no apparently affiliation with CBS News, promises to give readers “sensational, exciting news, such as plane crashes which kill hundreds, on demand — instantly and when you want it,” according to a description found on the site.
While the site doesn’t immediately reveal itself as a satire site on its front pages, the “About” section compares the site to The Onion, a well-known satirical news organization.
Brown said he had just been made aware of the reports yesterday, and said the cabinet was planning to meet in response to the reports.
He said the Republic of the Marshall Islands may also consider legal action against, whose website appeared to be out of service at 1:40 p.m. Pacific time on Wednesday afternoon, March 23.

Screen shot: CBS Breaking News
Here’s the online story that started the rumor.