Florida Could Let Voters Decide On Medical Marijuana In 2012


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Voters in the Sunshine State could get a chance to decide for themselves about medical marijuana — if the Republican-controlled Legislature will let them.

​Florida voters could get a chance to decide for themselves about medical marijuana next year — if the Republican-controlled Legislature will let them.

Rep. Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) has filed a joint resolution that, if passed by the Legislature, would let Floridians vote on a state constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana.

Just last week, a Republican pollster found high support in The Sunshine State for medicinal cannabis, with 57 percent — almost enough to pass a state constitutional amendment, which would require 60 percent.
So, Florida. Are you going to insist on a chance to decide for yourselves about medical marijuana? Or are you going to stand idly by while your Republican-controlled Legislature ignores you for yet another year?
A “Legislative Action on Medical Marijuana” press conference has been scheduled for Thursday, March 10 at 11 a.m. at Florida’s Capitol in Tallahassee.

The Palm Beach Post News
Rep. Jeff Clemens wants to give Florida the chance to vote on medical marijuana

​”This is your opportunity to show the legislators that people do care about the medical marijuana issue,” said Joshua Giesegh of People United For Medical Marijuana (PUFMM).
“Be there by 10:30 dressed like a professional — clean cut (or hair tied back), shaven, showered, fresh breath, shirt, tie, (suit if possible), dress shoes – no sandals.”
Carpooling to Tallahassee is available. You can post ride share needs and assists here.
“We still need more patients, police officers, religious leaders and prosecutors to speak,” Giesegh said.
Patients and supporters are also urged to contact their Florida legislators. You can learn who your state legislators are at this link.
Predictably, Right-Wingers Are Just Horrified
​Right-wing Florida media sources, showing just how out of touch they are with the people of the state, immediately started giggling like a bunch of sixth-graders about the bill.

Photo: Sunshine News
Dim bulb Kenric Ward of Sunshine News. This moron could discover a big new world — if he ever pulled his head out from waaaay up his ass. (This is unlikely.)

​”Party On! Democratic Lawmaker Goes to Pot With Marijuana Bill,” the ultra-conservative Sunshine News headlined the story.
“Consigning his party further to the margins, Democratic state Rep. Jeff Clemens wants to stash medical marijuana in the Florida Constitution,” a clueless Kenric Ward wrote.
“Proponents cite a recent Florida poll purporting to show that slightly more than half the respondents favor medical marijuana. Whatever,” Ward wrote, showing his ugly contempt for the “common people.”
“With a supermajority of Republican lawmakers appropriately focused on the economy, Clemens’ legalization gambit will likely go up in smoke,” Ward smugly apprises — seemingly entirely bereft of any dim inkling that an “appropriate focus on the economy” would include the enormous potential positive financial impact of medical marijuana.
But then, what can you expect from a pea-brained right-winger who lives to march in benighted lockstep with his cranially-challenged brethren?
In his own words, “Whatever.”