New Commenting System Coming To Toke of the Town



‚ÄčI’ve got your number, dude.

I know how you are. You’re sitting there doing bong rips and practicing your latest witty repartee, or maybe perfecting the best insult in history, or crafting the snappiest comeback ever.
Or, hell, I don’t know. Maybe you’re just looking for a fancy new way to say “Brah, I am soooo stoned,” or you make it your daily practice to go around asking your online buddies “Can you spare a joint?”

Either way, heads up, heads: Toke of the Town‘s new Disqus commenting system is on the way.

It should be up and running in a couple weeks, allowing you to create your own icons, reply directly to others, “and otherwise be 37 percent more festive,” as Pete Kotz, my Village Voice Media cohort over at True Crime Report, put it.
Of course you know we’re in favor of that.
If you want a preview to see what the new commenting system will be like, click here.