5-Pound Brick Of Marijuana Mailed To Elderly Couple


Photo: 6 ABC Action News
This five-pound brick of marijuana mailed to an unsuspecting elderly couple in Pennsylvania last week. The cannabis has an “estimated street value” of from $10,000 to $20,0000.

​Police are trying to figure out who mailed a five-pound brick of marijuana with a street value estimated up to $20,000. The weed was sent to an unsuspecting elderly couple in Pennsylvania.

The delivery arrived last Wednesday via UPS to the home in Upper Darby, reports 6 ABC Action News. The couple didn’t recognize the name on the package and thought it had arrived by mistake.
Not yet realizing what was inside, they left it on the front porch, thinking it would be retrieved.

Photo: 6 ABC Action News
Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood displays the brick of marijuana mailed to an unsuspecting elderly couple last week. The five pounds of cannabis has an “estimated street value” of from $10,000 to $20,0000.

​When it wasn’t, police said the couple brought it inside, opened it up and discovered the five-pound brick of cannabis, which is when they called the cops instead of doing the sensible thing and busting out the rolling papers.
The package had a return address in Tollison, Arizona, and was mailed from Phoenix, according to police. The return address was fake, authorities said.
Officers did not release the names or ages of the couple involved, describing them only as “elderly.”
The Upper Darby Police Department sees “about a half-dozen” similar deliveries every year, and can sometimes track down the sender, according to Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Photo: 6 ABC Action News
Here’s the box inside which the brick of pot was shipped.

Even the lower estimate of the weed’s value, at $10,000, is ridiculous. Two thousand dollars a pound for bricked Mexican schwag? That’s a good one. They’d be lucky to get $500 a pound for this garbage.
​”My first thought: How many Daily Delco readers in Upper Darby would do the same if $10,000 worth of pot showed up on their doorstep and no one else knew about it?” posts William Bender at The Daily Delco.
“Off the top of my head, I’m going to say roughly four out of 10 would keep the weed,” Bender wrote.

Graphic: The Daily Delco
Two-thirds of respondents indicated they’d either smoke or sell the marijuana. Only 34 percent said they’d call the cops. YEAH!

​”One guy would sell it. The other three are married couples who’d have enough pot to last them 100 lifetimes because they only smoke twice a year, on average, after the kids go to sleep.”
Turns out Bender underestimated the proportion of potheads in the population — as journalists are often wont to do.
After 1,494 votes, the poll numbers on Monday afternoon showed that about 34 percent of readers would call the police.
Around 47 percent would smoke the marijuana, and about 19 percent said they would sell it.
To register your own opinion in the poll, click here.

Photo: 6 ABC Action News

Photo: 6 ABC Action News

Photo: 6 ABC Action News

Photo: 6 ABC Action News