Ballsy Robbers Steal Pot-Growing Trailer From Cannabis Cup


Photo: William Breathes/Westword
Robbers drove the 28-foot Growbot trailer away in full view of security guards.

‚ÄčA big pot-growing trailer known as the “GrowBot” was stolen from a medical marijuana trade show in Denver over the weekend, and the owner on Tuesday offered a $5,000 reward for its return.

Greg Childre, who builds custom grow trailers for a variety of crops at his manufacturing plant in Georgia, said the trailer was stolen from the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver late Sunday night, according to Reuters.
In a fucked-up but ballsy move, the 28-foot GrowBot trailer was just driven out of the trade show parking lot — according to Childre, in full view of security guards.

Parking lot surveillance cameras captured the getaway, but did not get the license plates of the Dodge truck that hitched up the trailer and drove off with it, he said.
The trailer is computerized, and stocked with grow lights and security devices. Evidently, the security vices don’t work so well when the whole trailer is stolen.
“Anything you need to grow in a controlled environment,” Childre told Reuters. “It has all the bells and whistles.”
According to Childre, he builds the trailers for other crops, including mushrooms and blueberries, but most of his business comes from the medical marijuana industry.
The trailer is valued at $50,000. There was no marijuana inside it, according to Childre.