Fan Interview: Night Out With The Dirty Heads and Tribe Zion


Photo: Indiependent Music
The Dirty Heads’ vocalist, Jared Watson (second from left), was interviewed on Monday by Toke of the Town reader Becky Fogarty.

Toke of the Town reader and cannabis activist Becky Fogarty got a chance on Monday to interview vocalist Jared Watson of The Dirty Heads after their tour stop in Pensacola, Florida. 

Becky also got to speak with the opening act, unsigned band Tribe Zion of Boulder, Colorado.
By Becky Fogarty
Dirty Heads, one of the “Best New Bands of 2010” according to Rolling Stone magazine, is from Orange County California, was formed in 1996 with vocalist Jared Watson (a.k.a Dirty J) and guitarist/vocalist Dustin Bushnell (a.k.a. Duddy B). Later, percussionist Jon Olazabal, drummer Matt Ochoa, and bassist David Foral were incorporated into the band.
Dirty Heads music is influenced by Long Beach dub rockers Sublime; however, they have their own unique style with a blend of music genres including hip hop, reggae and rock.
They are currently signed with Executive Music Group and are on the tail end of the 2011 tour, with a few more stops along the way in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
I was able to catch up with Jared Watson for an interview after the show in Pensacola. I was quite impressed with his ability to think fast.

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Becky: As a supporter of medical marijuana, I want to thank you for donating an autographed guitar last December at KushCon to benefit autism research.
Jared: No problem!
Becky: What inspired you to make such an awesome donation?
Jared: We believe in the cause.
I think that marijuana should be legalized; so does the rest of the band. It doesn’t make sense. I feel like California could get out of debt if we did; I guess the rest of the country is something else.
You know, its kind of a big culture and we’re in that culture, so we try to support it as much as we can.
Becky: You’ve been to so many taa… ahhh!


Jared: You want me to do it? Here, I’m gonna ask myself this one.
Becky: Alright, if you can read my handwriting…
Jared: Oh, you get to give my answer this time.
Becky: Noooo! OK.
Jared: “You have been to so many places on this tour. What has been your favorite stop so far?
Becky: Pensacola!
Jared: I would think Pensacola is our favorite so far.
Becky: Who is the biggest toker in the band?
Jared: Duddy!
Becky: What are some of your favorite strains?
Jared: Funny things we get everyday. We get some random strains. I don’t really know. It’s like oh, we have Luke Skywalker Star Wars Kush, or I have Purple Wee Wibbily Wabbily.
I don’t really know; there are so many strains with so many awesomely ridiculous names that it’s hard to choose from.
Becky: What is your favorite song about weed?
Jared: Probably the cover that Bradley [Nowell of Sublime] did of “Smoke Two Joints.”
Becky: What are your views on the legalization of medical marijuana?
Jared: I agree with it. I believe in it and I think it would solve a lot of problems if our shitty government would legalize it.
I think it’s just tobacco companies and big companies trying to shut it down, ’cause they are going to lose a lot of money and it would help a lot of things and a lot of people if we could get it legalized.
Becky: And recreational marijuana?
Jared: There is no reason that booze and cigarettes should be legal and weed shouldn’t, because booze and cigarettes kill way more fuckin’ people than weed. So it doesn’t make sense.

Photo: Tribe Zion
Tribe Zion in action

Tribe Zion Interview
Tribe Zion is an unsigned band formed in 2005 in Boulder, Colorado, and is currently based in Pensacola, Florida. Tribe Zion’s music style is quite unique, an eclectic blend of reggae, hip hop, punk, rock, and ska.
Band members include vocalist Arlon Wise, guitarist Jonathan Fleege, percussionist Timmy Two Blunts, Jeremy King Cole on drums, Joey Harrison on bass guitar, Brian Vogel on trumpet and Michael Kinser on saxophone.
I had a chance to sit down with Tribe Zion before their show in Pensacola, and got a couple of juicy details.
Becky: I heard that Arlon likes to strip down to his boxers during shows. Is that true?
Tribe Zion: Yes!
Becky: Have you ever been banned from any venues?
Tribe Zion: Yes, we were banned from here (Seville Quarter, Pensacola), but Dirty Heads actually called the venue and got us back.
Becky: What are your views on the legalization of medical marijuana?
Tribe Zion: We’re for medical marijuana, just no corporate control of medical marijuana.
Keep it in the hands of the people. We don’t want Wal-Mart selling our weed!
Becky: What are your views on the legalization of recreational marijuana?
Tribe Zion: For!
Becky: Who is the biggest toker in the band?
Tribe Zion: Timmy Two Blunts.
Becky: What are some of your favorite strains?
Tribe Zion: White Widow, Blueberry Kush, and Purple Kush.
Becky: What is your favorite song about weed?
Tribe Zion: Sublime ~ “Get Ready,” 311 ~ “Who’s Got The Herb,” and Afroman ~ “Because I Got High.”

Photo: Becky Fogarty

Becky Fogarty is a Toke of the Town reader, cannabis activist, and music lover.

She lives in Pensacola, Florida.