First Medical Marijuana Dispensary On The East Coast Opens


Photo: WLBZ
The first medical marijuana dispensary on the U.S. East Coast is an unassuming looking home in Frenchville, Maine.

‚ÄčIt’s a historic day. The first medical marijuana dispensary on the East Coast of the U.S. has opened in Frenchville, Maine.

Safe Alternatives looks like a typical house, reports Jackie Ward at WLBZ. But there are video cameras and floodlights as required by state law; town officials said the security equipment operates 24/7.
The dispensary is less than a mile from an elementary school, but state law only requires it to be at least 500 feet away.
Predictably, some narrow-minded local residents seemed to be just looking for something to complain about.
“When I stopped by to take the picture there was nobody there, just a note on the door that said ‘Leave packages on the porch,’ whatever that means,” said Frenchville resident Cameron Price. (My highly educated guess it that “Leave packages on the porch” is secret code for “Leave packages on the porch.”)

“I don’t know, it just seems like a fly by the seat of your pants operation to me,” said Price, who felt it looked too much like a “non-sanctioned dispensary.”
If the dispensary had signage and looked commercial, I’m betting he’d have bitched about that, too.
Price actually compared marijuana from the dispensary falling into the wrong hands to the escape of radiation from the Japanese nuclear power plants. Way to show your ignorance, Mr. Price.
And what do you know — the town of Frenchville is currently “working on a proposed ordinance that would be stricter than the state’s laws for marijuana cultivation facilities.” Looks like some busybodies just can’t be happy as long as Frenchville’s seriously ill patients have safe access to legal medical marijuana.
For WLBZ’s lame-ass TV hatchet job attempt on Leo Trudel, the principal officer of Safe Alternatives dispensary, see below.