For 4-20, Suicide Girls Blog Goes ‘All Green’


Photo: Suicide Girls
“They handed Franco the bag of weed. They gave me the lighter.” ~ From Seth Rogan’s Suicide Girls interview

In celebration of the pot smoker’s holiday, 4-20 (you know, bro: the day when even amateurs get high), my friends over at Suicide Girls have rolled up a fattie and shared five of their “fave mellow interview moments.”

Yes, I’ll be upfront and admit it’s a thrill for me to be on a list with Tommy Chong, Danny Leiner (director of Dude, Where’s My Car? and Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle), Seth Rogan (star of Pineapple Express) and Rob Corddry (of Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay).

Man, I like living on this planet. Follow your dreams, folks, and don’t forget to post pictures of yourself with marijuana to the Internet.
Happy 4-20!
For the Suicide Girls list, with links to all the interviews, click here.

​”Marijuana is going to be a part of American culture.” ~ From Steve Elliott’s Suicide Girls interview