Medical Cannabis Rally At Washington State Capitol Tuesday



‚Äč12 Noon, April 19, State Capitol in Olympia, WA
In answer to Gov. Christine Gregoire’s stated reluctance to sign SB 5073, the medical cannabis reform bill which has already cleared both houses of the Legislature, the Washington Cannabis Association and other advocates for medical marijuana reform will hold a rally at 12 noon on Tuesday, April 19 at the State Capitol in Olympia, Washington.
“It’s time for the Governor to stop listening to the feds and begin listening to the people of this state who overwhelmingly approved medical cannabis by initiative in 1998,” said Philip Dawdy, WCA’s media and policy director.

Soon after SB 5073 passed the House last Monday, Gov. Gregoire said she did not want to sign a bill into law that, in her opinion, might lead to federal officials prosecuting state employees for licensing medical cannabis dispensers and producers.
Among other things, the bill creates legal clarity for dispensers and producers and would create a state licensing and regulatory system for them. The bill also offers long-awaited arrest protection to patients and a voluntary state registry system.
“After 13 years of a vague medical cannabis law, the Legislature has done its job by clearly defining how medical cannabis patients and providers are to be regulated in Washington State,” Dawdy said. “Medical cannabis is clearly a states’ rights issue and it is now time for the governor to do her job and sign the bill.”
The Washington Cannabis Association is a trade association of three dozen medical cannabis dispensers and growers and, collectively, represents 50,000 medical cannabis patients in the state.