Montana Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Repeal


Graphic: Medical Marijuana Blog

​Medical marijuana is still legal in Montana.

Governor Brian Schweitzer has vetoed a Republican bill that would have repealed the state’s medical marijuana law, approved by an overwhelming 62 percent of state voters in 2004.
Schweitzer vetoed the bill on Wednesday, along with several others he called “frivolous, unconstitutional or in direct contradiction to the expressed will of the people of Montana, “reports The Associated Press.
Montana now has more than 28,000 registered medical marijuana patients.

Supporters of the repeal claimed the boom has “gone too far,” and that the voter initiative cannot be effectively reformed.
A separate bill which would tighten up Montana’s medical marijuana rules is now in conference committee. Observers say it could be the Legislature’s last chance of acting on the medical marijuana question, with little more than a week left in the legislative session.