All Healing, No High: Dispensary Offers High-CBD Pot Strains


Photo: Elemental Wellness
The high-CBD Harlequin strain, above, tested at 3.83 percent THC and 5.59 percent CBD.

‚ÄčElemental Wellness, a San Jose medical marijuana collective, has a solution for patients who need the healing power of cannabis but don’t want the psychoactive effects: strains with high cannabidiol (CBD) content.

Medical marijuana is known as an effective treatment for many ailments, but it’s also known as a psychoactive agent. For people who could benefit from the medicinal properties, but need to stay alert and focused, San Jose, California dispensary Elemental Wellness has good news: high CBD strains that deliver the benefits without the buzz.
The most powerful medicinal compound in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), shown to be helpful for a range of diseases including glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and side effects of chemotherapy and AIDS treatment such as nausea and loss of appetite.

But THC is also responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana, and while many patients benefit from a sense of reduced anxiety and mood elevation, other users experience drowsiness, altered perception of space-time, sensory alterations, and disorientation.
Fortunately, CBD has many of the same health effects as THC, but doesn’t have its psychoactive effects. Studies have demonstrated CBD’s effectiveness in relieving pain, convulsions, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea; inhibiting cancer cell growth; and treating schizophrenia, among other things.
Many breeders are creating strains of medical marijuana with higher CBD content for patients who need the medical benefits, but don’t want the high.
“We want to provide our patients with as many treatment options as possible, and the advancement of CBD strains allows us to do just that,” said Ariel Loveland, executive director at Elemental Wellness.
Strains of high-CBD medical marijuana currently available from Elemental Wellness include True Blueberry flower, Harlequin flower, Full Spectrum high CBD hash, Leigheas Bubble, and high CBD tincture.
The medicine is lab-tested for mold, bacterial contaminants, and potency. Elemental Wellness says its trained cannabis associates can help each patient choose the medicine that will be most beneficial.
Hilary, an Elemental Wellness patient and employee, said her favorite strain of high-CBD medicine, Leigheas Bubble, was “super chunky and delicious” giving her “a relaxed body and clear head.”
For more information about high-CBD medical marijuana or any of Elemental Wellness Center’s other products or services, call them at (408) 433-3344, visit, or visit the collective located at 711 Charcot Avenue in San Jose. You can become a Facebook fan of Elemental Wellness at