California Pot Dispensary Offers Chocolates With A ‘Bhang’


Graphic: PRWeb
Holistic Herbal Healers in San Jose, California are now offering more Bhang for the buck

​Holistic Herbal Healers, a San Jose, California medical marijuana collective, is now carrying Bhang Chocolate, a gourmet edible that shop says is “carefully tested to ensure a consistent level of medical cannabis in every bar.”

Unlike many cannabis edibles that can vary in strength from batch to batch, all Bhang Chocolates have the same potency, according to HHH, making it easier for patients to regulate their medication.
Bhang Chocolates are available in single-dose, double-dose, and triple-dose four-piece bars. The single-dose bar contains 60 milligrams of THC, which is the chief psychoactive component of marijuana. The double-dose bar contains 120 mg, and the triple-dose bar has 180 mg.
“Medicating yourself with edible cannabis products can be frustrating — as THC levels can vary widely, even in different batches of the same branded product,” said a director at HHH. “The addition of Bhang Chocolates at Holistic Herbal Healers is very good for our patients.”

According to HHH, this product can help with ailments such as pain, nausea, lack of appetite, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Bhang Chocolates are made with various cannabis strains or combinations of strains in order to effectively target and treat different ailments, according to the shop.

Graphic: Holistic Herbal Healers

​Many medical marijuana patients want the healing benefits of cannabis without the smoke. Whether they just want to be more discreet in public places, or they have an ailment that would be worsened by marijuana smoke or vapor (i.e., patients who use medical marijuana to treat side effects of chemotherapy for respiratory cancers), patients may find eating Bhang Chocolates and other edibles to be a great alternative way to medicate.
The chocolates are also helpful for patients who need to stimulate appetite and gain weight, especially those undergoing AIDS treatment or chemotherapy. Munchies save lives!
Bhang Chocolates were developed by expert chocolatier Scott Van Rixel of Chocolate Cartel. HHH says they’re made with organic, fairly traded Venezuelan cacao and only the finest natural ingredients.

​Unlike many edibles that are made by cooking marijuana with butter (cannabutter), Bhang Chocolates are the result of a proprietary extraction method which HHH says gets all the THC without a grassy flavor.
Current flavors include 73.5% Dark Chocolate, which is vegan; Hemp Dark Chocolate, made with toasted hemp seeds; and the new Fire Chocolate, made with orange and spices. Truffles and chocolate almonds are coming soon, according to HHH.
The content is analytically tested for quality and consistency, and Bhang is fully insured against product liability. These quality control measures put Bhang chocolates far ahead of industry standards, according to HHH.
“The purpose of medicine is to help people, not hurt people,” Chocolate Cartel’s Scott Van Rixel said. “We are bringing standards of regulation to the industry. We want to be the leader of how things should be done.”
For more information about Bhang Chocolate or any of Holistic Herbal Healers’ products or services, call them at (408) 300-9779, view them on, or visit their store at 5406 Thornwood Drive, Suite 175 in San Jose, California.