Charges Dismissed Against Marijuana Dispensary Operator


Photo: greenkind

​All felony charges against Inglewood, California medical marijuana dispensary operator Paul Scott were dismissed in a Los Angeles court on Thursday, just days before Scott was scheduled to face trial, which was supposed to begin on Monday.

Scott, operator of Inglewood Wellness Collective for more than 10 years, was arrested in June of 2010 by the Los Angeles Police Department, according to Brett Stone of the Medical Marijuana News Yahoo newsgroup. Acting on an anonymous tip, detectives used helicopter surveillance of Scott’s home and saw marijuana plants growing in the back yard and also in a storage shed next to the house.
Scott was seen leaving the shed and an LAPD detective used that information and the smell of marijuana emanating from Scott’s back yard to conclude that a cannabis grow operation was located there.

Photo: Kurt E. Boehl, PLLC
Attorney William Kroger of the “Marijuana Dream Team”

​When officers searched Scott’s home, they found 28 marijuana plants with a combined weight of 45 pounds, stems and all. Less than $2,000 in cash was also seized.
The “Marijuana Dream Team” of attorneys William Kroger and Brad Brunon filed a suppression motion and a motion to examine the evidence.
Last Thursday the attorneys presented all the documents having to do with the collective, including numerous commendations and awards from local civic and political leaders. At that point the district attorney caved, and all charges were dropped.
Next, up, according to the Marijuana Dream Team? A motion for return of property — including the marijuana.

Photo: greenkind
Ingelwood Wellness Center has a welcoming and comfortable patient lounge, with deep sofas and a Persian carpet.