Elderly Man Who Grew Pot For Cancer-Stricken Wife Is Jailed


Photo: WOIO
Gary Burton, 69, was sentenced to 60 days in jail because he grew marijuana for his cancer-stricken wife.

‚ÄčA 69-year-old Ohio man who grew marijuana to help his cancer-stricken wife was sentenced to jail on Friday morning.

Gary Burton was given 60 days behind bars for growing two cannabis plants in Chippewa Lake, Ohio, reports WOIO.
He will also serve 30 days’ house arrest and will be forced to undergo drug testing for two years.
Burton said he was growing the plants for medicinal purposes, to help ease his wife’s pain due to her breast cancer treatments.

An anonymous tipster turned in Burton for growing marijuana, then the presence of the plants was confirmed by law enforcement agents in a helicopter.
The prosecutor said Burton hurt his own claims of medicinal use by admitting he had smoked marijuana for 30 years, also pointing to where Burton had allegedly said, “What else am I supposed to do for entertainment?”