Lawmen Join Rally Protesting Prison For Marijuana Patients


Graphic: LPP

‚ÄčAn organization made up of retired and disabled members of the law enforcement community — which provides support to medical marijuana patients and caregivers — is joining with other medical marijuana advocacy organizations in front of the federal courthouse in Sacramento, California at noon on Monday to protest the imprisonment of Dr. Mollie Fry and Dale Schafer.
“Doc Fry and Dale Schafer are dedicated patient advocates that don’t belong in prison,” said Nate Bradley, executive director of Lawmen Protecting Patients.
“The federal government needs to stop wasting what little resources they have on prosecuting and imprisoning the medical marijuana community,” Bradley said. “The federal government should focus on putting actual criminals in in prison, like rapists and child molesters.”

Both defendants are seriously ill and will require special medical attention while in prison. Dale alone will require over $50,000 a year in medication.
Lawmen Protecting Patients (LPP) will be joining Americans for Safe Access (ASA), CalNorml, Crusaders for Patients Rights, the American Association for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) and many other medical marijuana advocates at noon on Monday, May 2 to protest the federal government’s imprisonment of Dr. Mollie Fry and Dale Schafer, and to ask the President to grant clemency to Fry and Schafer.
Lawmen Protecting Patients (LPP) was founded by former and retired members of the law enforcement community whose lives were changed by the use of medical marijuana. The group says it is dedicated to protecting the rights of medical marijuana users and to educating medical cannabis patients.