Montana Stops Issuing Medical Marijuana Cards


Graphic: The Walrus Speaks

‚ÄčThe Montana Department of Health and Human Services has stopped issuing new medical marijuana cards, a spokesman announced on Tuesday.

The agency is complying with a strict new medical marijuana law that requires the department to stop issuing the cards on May 14, according to spokesman Jon Ebelt, reports the Associated Press.
Ebelt had previously said the department would continue issuing the cards to patients because of confusion over the law.

The agency’s website still said the department is accepting applications, despite Ebelt’s latest statement.
The first phase of a new restrictive medical marijuana law, pushed through the Montana Legislature by Republicans, went into effect May 14. It negated much of the law passed by 62 percent of state voters in 2004.
The new law gives the department powers to issue cards again — using much stricter patient criteria — after June 1.