Cali Bill Would OK Medical Marijuana Crackdowns By Cities


Photo: Los Angeles Times

‚ÄčWith numerous lawsuits pending across California against cities that try to crack down on or ban medical marijuana dispensaries, a new bill aims to make it clear that municipalities are allowed to tell pot shops when, where and how they can do business.

The bill, AB 1300, just passed the California Assembly, reports Dennis Romero at L.A. Weekly. It was introduced by Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield (D-Los Angeles).
According to the bill, localities can adopt “local ordinances that regulate the location, operation, or establishment of a medical marijuana cooperative or collective…”

It also essentially says that cities can sue pot shops out of existence, the Weekly reports, a tactic which is being used as we speak for some “out-of-compliance” shops in Los Angeles.
The lone “No” vote on the Assembly bill was pro-pot Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, who objected to the lack of the word “dispensary” in the bill’s language. According to Ammiano, that would further recognize the legitimacy of medical marijuana storefronts.
The Weekly reports that it could be awhile before the crackdowns materialize, even if the California Senate votes to make the bill a law.