Don’t Miss 2nd Annual Tacoma Hempfest This Saturday


Graphic: Tacoma Hempfest

​If you’re in the Puget Sound area and want to help break down the negative stereotypes surrounding cannabis and the people who use it, I have a great, free destination for you this weekend — and the weather’s supposed to be pretty, too. The second annual Tacoma Hempfest happens this Saturday, June 25, at Wright Park in Tacoma, Washington.

“We’d like everyone to come out and show the variety of people who truly support cannabis culture in the area,” Tacoma Hempfest creator and organizer Justin Prince told Toke of the Town.

The family-friendly event (no smoking of any kind is allowed in Tacoma public parks) has grown in stature since the inaugural edition last year, but the focus on local vendors remains, according to Prince. “Our stage and entertainment have moved and expanded quite heavily, and our variety of vendors has grown into the community a bit more,” he said.

Photo: Weekly Volcano
Big Wheel Stunt Show, shown here wowing the crowd at last year’s Tacoma Hempfest, will be returning for this year’s event.

​More than 500 artists applied to perform at this year’s event, according to Prince, so those you’ll actually be seeing onstage are truly the cream of the crop. “This overwhelming response let us explore some different options for highlighting all the talent that wants to be a part of this event,” Prince said.
“We came up with genre-themed jam sessions with invited artists helping to round out each block,” Justin told me. “This lets us show off quite a bit more talent than we would have been able to do with singular bands. The local musicians are on board with this, too, and this will carry over into our five different after parties at clubs throughout town.” (For more information on Tacoma Hempfest perfomers, click here and here.)
“We are going to be helping to educate people about their rights and how to interact with law enforcement to protect your rights,” Prince said. “We’ll also focus on hemp nutritional education. Our Go Green! education area will contain a lot of information about industrial hemp applications, and we have our Homegrown Artists Alley for up-and-coming artists and crafters to sell at if they aren’t full-fledged businesses yet.”
“We want people to come down with their families and just have fun for the day,” Prince said. “Although our focus is on the benefits of this plant, we don’t want to lose sight of the simple enjoyment of being around other like-minded, freedom-seeking individuals. So whether you want to come learn something, or just let go for the day, we have something to bring a smile to your face.”
What: Tacoma Hempfest (no charge for admission)
When: Saturday, June 25, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
WhereWright Park, 501 South I Street, Tacoma, WA

What could be more relaxing than a beautiful day in the park? Shown above, a scene from last year’s Tacoma Hempfest at Wright Park in Tacoma, Washington.