Marijuana Testing Lab Claims Personalized Recommendations


Graphic: BudGenius

Artificial-Intelligence Software “BudGenius” Correlates Chemical Analysis with Online Patient Feedback, a social networking website and medical marijuana testing laboratory (now there’s a 21st Century combination for you!), says it has developed technology to predict therapeutic effects for thousands of marijuana strains by combining scientific data and crowd-sourced reviews.
Patients throughout California use the online service to select cannabis individually rated for pain relief, sleep aid, anxiety relief, nausea treatment, appetite stimulation, and mood modification. BudGenius says it plans to extend treatment options to target cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s within a year.
Patients search online at to find locally available marijuana treatments that meet their requirements. Patients are also given the option to visit participating dispensaries and review onsite educational materials.

Dispensaries aid medicine selection by displaying BudGenius identification cards alongside each marijuana strain. Each card appears similar to a driver’s license, containing a photo, therapeutic effects matrix, potency ratings, and an expiration date. All cards are sealed with a tamper-proof hologram to ensure authenticity.
“Senior citizens and patients new to cannabis face an uphill battle in sifting through myth and rumor to educate themselves on selecting the proper type of marijuana for their needs,” said Angel Stanz, cofounder and president of “With dispensaries carrying a dynamic medicine catalog upwards of 20 products, often changing every two weeks, there is no system in place for caregivers to make a fully informed recommendation to patients.
“BudGenius provides a much-needed solution with a rating system powered by science, crowd-sourced reviews, and an intelligent engine constantly reevaluating data patterns,” Stanz said.
The BudGenius process begins with a gas chromatography analysis to determine the active chemicals contained within each marijuana plant. This produces results in both potency levels and chemical ratios.
Test results are then compared against previous scientific trial data and crowd-sourced reviews that match similar strain properties. Using this information BudGenius produces the most likely effect ratings based upon its gathered information.
In just more than six months of operation, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, according to BudGenius.
“The services that BudGenius has provided lends validation to our craft,” said a representative from Humboldt County Housewives, a select group of northern California gardeners. “We believe that BudGenius is helping pave the way to conscious medical administration.”
While Stanz said he feels BudGenius has set a foundation that could soon begin identifying effective treatments for critical illnesses, he recognizes that there is more work to be done. For instance, BudGenius is only testing for three cannabinoids out of many that exist in marijuana.
“We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible,” Stanz said. “Pharmaceuticals and traditional medical research often focus on a micro scale by isolating individual chemicals. However, the marijuana plant is a macro organism with hundreds of interrelated compounds bearing synergistic effects.
“The interrelationships could take decades to discover by following a conventional path,” Stanz said. “We’re harnessed the power of the most valuable resource available — thousands of willing human test subjects.
“By correlating exact chemical ratios with patient observations, we’re in the beginning stages of becoming a Physician’s Desk Reference for available medical marijuana,” Stanz said.
You can learn more about how the BudGenius system works by clicking here.

Graphic: BudGenius