Police: Man Buys Fake Marijuana With Fake $1 Million Bill


Photo: The Faughn Family of Four

‚ÄčPolice say a western Pennsylvania man bought some fake marijuana using a fake $1 million bill.

Joseph Lombardi, 23, was charged on Monday in Sharpsville, Pa., after trying to “purchase” a bag of herbal potpourri called “Space Cadet Flight Risk” using the bogus $1 million bill at a FoodMart store, reports The Associated Press.

The substance is sold as incense, but mimics the effect of marijuana when smoked, reports The Sharon Herald. That’s why the fake pot is included in a bill outlawing such substances which was signed into law last week by Gov. Tom Corbett. That ban takes effect in August.
Police have charged Lombardi with theft by deception and retail theft because they say he took the fake pot and made a run for it after putting the bogus $1 million bill on the counter.
Online court records don’t list an attorney for Lombardi, who doesn’t have a listed phone number.